Why mess with a good thing? The easiest answer is probably: “Because it’s fun.” Another legitimate reason to mess with a fast food staple like onion rings is because some people can’t enjoy normal onion rings. Yes, let’s not forget that those with gluten allergies and intolerances are denied the pleasure of the crunchy, battered, salty-and-almost-kinda-sweet snack.  That’s why Chris Kronner of Kronnerburger in San Francisco decided to update this classic dish. By swapping wheat flour and beer with rice flour and sparkling water, you have an extra crispy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed by all. RECIPE: Gluten-Free Onion Rings But be warned: Like their gluten-laden counterparts, they’re still addictive as hell. 

We made a kale salad. And we’re not gonna sit here and defend it. Say what you will about the ubiquity of kale salad on every “New American” restaurant menu—doesn’t faze us. We’ll be here crunching on this bomb-ass salad while you miss out on these fried lacinato leaves. Oh, did that get your attention? We fried some kale and Brussels sprouts leaves to put in this salad. Know what else is in it? Julienned kohlrabi, some scallions, mint, cilantro, and Thai basil. BOOM. You’re all ears now, huh? Well get this. The dressing? It’s garlicky and lime-y, with a hit of fish sauce and some kick from Thai chilies. True, some kale salads are half-assed and deserving of a[…]

Bananas and chocolate. Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait. Healthy dessert is, contrary to popular belief, not always an oxymoron, and these frozen bananas are proof. They’re also dumb simple—you can probably figure out how to make them just by looking, but we wrote up the recipe for you anyway. RECIPE: Frozen Chocolate Bananas Our man Action Bronson covered these frozen bananas with crushed cashews and hazelnuts on Daily VICE, but don’t let that limit you. The world is your oyster here—you can roll these bad boys in pretzels, popcorn, Pop Rocks, moon rocks, whatever. You do you. There’s really no going wrong here. And, hey, there’s always money in the banana stand.

Fried rice is an easy go-to for a weekday night, but it can be every bit as pedestrian and boring as that sounds. The great thing about fried rice, though, is that it is the most accommodating of meals—it will literally invite in and meld with just about anything you introduce it to. So why not bring in some big flavor hits and see what fried rice can really be? Deuki Hong, the Korean food expert and fermentation fan—an alum of both Momofuku and Jean-Georges—is not holding back. He adds slab bacon and kimchi to create a fried rice that will take you to umami ecstasy. A little ginger and gochujang butter sure doesn’t hurt either. Top the whole thing[…]

Tom Robbins wrote a whole novel about the beet, or, at least, the root vegetable played a crucial role in the narrative. Robbins made the claim that the beet is the ancient ancestor of the autumn moon. That seems like a bit much to us (plus a serious underestimation of the moon), but the beet does make us feel poetic: it tastes like the underground where it grew up, and it bleeds the color of what runs through our own veins. And have you ever baked beets? Their skins turn black and crack open, sizzling with their blood-red juice. Peeling them post-oven, your kitchen looks like a crime scene. The beet is definitely the vegetable of carnage, in other words, and[…]

If you were to delicately lap the sweat from the brow of Charles Phan—the preeminent figure in modern Vietnamese cooking in America—we’re pretty damn sure it would taste of freshly made pho bo. We say this not to needle you into committing some act of soupy eroticism should you happen to run into Phan—because you totally shouldn’t—but to state, in the creepiest way possible, that Charles Phan is the go-to man for all things pho. Luckily, Phan has given MUNCHIES his recipe for a truly phenomenal, classic pho bo and it couldn’t be easier to make. This soup is loaded with Chinese cinnamon, star anise pods, fresh ginger, and scallions, but,according to Charles, what really sets a pho apart is[…]

There’s plenty of shit in the world to feel guilty about. There’s our massive destruction of the world’s ocean ecosystem, the Endless Shrimp dinner that comes to our plates courtesy of Indonesian slaves, the havoc wreaked by our love of cheeseburgers, etc. Can we get a break already, a moment of tranquil self-satisfaction about anything we eat? Answer: yes. Feast your eyes (and mouths) on Coco Kislinger of Coco Bakes LA’s vegan brownies. Don’t let the vegan part scare you away. We’ve all had the dry, miserable, loathsome versions of vegan pastries that come plastic-wrapped next to the checkout aisle of your favorite overpriced health-food store. These are something else. The secret to the unapologetic fudginess of these bad boys[…]

Yep, this is a pizza crust made of vegetables. It might sound like something that your holistic-commune-dwelling, essential-oil-vaping, ultra-granola aunt came up with in a fever dream, but cauliflower crust is having a moment. Just ask vegan chef Adam Kenworthy, who stopped by our office and momentarily distracted us from our typical lunch move (a vat of gluten-laced animal fat) with some nutrient-dense vegan deliciousness. The technique is pretty simple: Kenworthy pulses a head of cauliflower in the food processor, and, with the help of some almond meal, gluten-free flour, and olive oil, bakes it into a perfectly chewy pizza base. Voila—cauliflower crust. That’s some David Blaine shit. RECIPE: Cauliflower Crust Pizza When it comes to toppings, you can take[…]

Alissa Wagner, the co-owner and chef of NYC’s DIMES, recently stopped by the MUNCHIES test kitchen, and shared her recipe for what is quite possibly the greatest applesauce to ever grace the universe.  Loaded with fancy-feeling ingredients like cardamom pods and fresh rosemary, this is most definitely not your  typical applesauce. Whether you want to dollop it on some spiced porridge with seedy granola or just silently devour spoonfuls of the stuff as you stand in front of your fridge in your underwear, Wagner’s homemade applesauce has got your back.  RECIPE: Homemade Applesauce It’s time to give the babies and grandparents of the world the middle finger and once and for all reclaim what is rightfully yours. 

“What the fuck is a parsnip?” Someone once asked. The technical answer is that it’s a winter root vegetable that is genetically part-carrot, part-parsley. The real answer is that it’s an underutilized tuber too often in the starchy shadow of the almighty potatoes. But the humble parsnip deserves its own place at the breakfast table and what better way than to do that than with hash? RECIPE: Potato and Parsnip Hash Time to dust off that old waffle iron you bought impulsively a couple of years ago, hoping (and failing) to save money on brunch, and crisp up some parsnips to create a blank breakfast canvas.  We recommend poached eggs, creme fraiche, and avocado purée. But that’s just us.