In Hong Kong, some of the best Indian food you’ll eat is served from old glass stalls that sit next to piles of SIM cards and back-of-the-truck Nokia phones. Chicken drenched in warm chili oil and green peppers is plated up with buttery lentils at Al-Madina Curry House, a tiny hole-in-the-wall with Halal Indian food owned by Pakistanis. It’s next to an African restaurant—run by a Filipina—with men from India and Bangladesh hawking electronics, just across the hall. While it’s called Little India, the ground floor of Chungking Mansions—the epicenter of life for Hong Kong’s asylum seekers—is culturally ambiguous. Most there hail from South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, all trying to make a new life in one of[…]

Bartender Sebastián Fernández had to fly about eight hours from his home in Mexico City to San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 17, 2017. He was scheduled for a guest spot at Old San Juan bar La Factoría, where he’d make and film his entry to the Bacardí Legacy Cocktail Competition, part of his promotional package for the nine-year-old contest. His entry, the Micaela, is named for the Puerto Rican boogaloo song—one that reflects tropical joy, “that happy and fun part that characterizes us and identifies us as Latinos and Caribbean,” he tells me. Fernández was sent home, though—barred from entering the US territory where, despite being citizens, the residents of the island don’t have any say in who becomes[…]

In Cleveland, Ohio, a small ice cream shop beckons potential customers with the words “Come Over All The Time” painted on one side in multi-colored letters, as if a five-year-old had drawn them with sidewalk chalk. A rainbow flag marks the entrance and glass windows offer a peek at the counter inside. It’s been an ice cream shop for 60 years, but has only been Mason’s Creamery for two. Opened in 2014 by Jesse Mason and Helen Quin, the shop specializes in flavors as diverse as the couple that creates them. Cleveland Whiskey, Black Sesame, Vietnamese Coffee, and Taro represent Mason and Quin’s roots. “We both love traveling,” Quin says. “We met in LA, Jesse’s lived in New York, and I[…]