3/11/173/11/17 In case you missed it, the fitness world was stunned upon hearing the news that The Biggest Loser‘s Bob Harper had a massive heart attack at a New York City gym last month, leaving him unconscious for days. Bob is on the mend, healing up at home, and getting back on track under medical supervision. He’s also making some changes to his diet, according to his Instagram. He noted in his caption that his doctors have suggested he eat a Mediterranean-style diet, and we can certainly understand why! The Mediterranean diet has been recently proven by Harvard researchers to be the best diet for weight loss, and while Bob certainly doesn’t need to lose weight, this plant-heavy diet (read:[…]

Bob Harper’s Heart Attack Recovery | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Subscribe to the Must Have Box After Surviving a Massive Heart Attack at the Gym, Bob Harper Is Recovering at Home Health News Strong Abs Start With This 7-Minute Workout FitFinder We’ve Found Your Next Workout Yoga The Top 4 Workouts to Avoid If You’re Trying to Lose Weight 2/28/172/28/17 We learned yesterday that Bob Harper suffered a major heart attack two weeks ago at a New York City gym, leaving him unconscious for two days and in a hospital in New York before he could fly home to Los Angeles. Bob followed up on Instagram to share with fans that he’s recovering and finally home. With care from friends,[…]

Bob Harper Heart Attack | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Instagram Oscars Fun! The Biggest Losers’s Bob Harper Suffers Major Heart Attack Sleep You Might Not Be Genetically Wired For Morning Workouts — Find Out If You Are Personal Essay What It’s Really Like to Lose Over 25 Pounds Class Fitsugar This Workout Is Only 8 Minutes But It’s Intense: Total-Body Tabata 2/27/172/27/17 Trainer and The Biggest Loser host Bob Harper recently suffered a major heart attack, leaving him unconscious for two days. A recovering Harper told TMZ he was working out in a gym in New York City when he collapsed. “A doctor who also was in the gym performed CPR on him,” ABC News reported. “51-year-old Harper says he[…]

2/21/172/21/17 Who would have guessed that the key to a healthy heart really is chocolate after all? New research continues to add up to making chocolate a part of a heart-smart diet. The latest? A cup of hot chocolate could be your best friend when it comes to your ticker. Not convinced? Research is ranking it even higher than wine or even tea in this category. Still not convinced? Read on and get ready to make yourself some healing hot chocolate! Researchers at Cornell University found that antioxidant concentration in hot cocoa is nearly twice as good as red wine, almost three times better than green tea, and nearly five times stronger than even black tea! The study also found[…]