When I was 18-years-old, my mother found out she had cancer. It was such a shock and the worst time. I spent the next two years looking after her and was her primary carer because my dad had to work and my sisters were at university or working. I had first-hand experience of all the problems she faced—like her losing her hair and the depression that comes with getting a terminal illness. Even though the chemotherapy and the radiotherapy were going to prolong her life, they weren’t ever going to cure her. My mum also lost her sense of taste. You eat so many times a day and knowing that flavours would be dulled for the remainder of her life[…]

Sure, meditation has been scientifically associated with lowering blood pressure, diminishing some symptoms of autism, and alleviating PTSD. But far and away the greatest benefit of mindfulness may just have been revealed by Australian researchers: Meditation may cure you of your debilitating chocolate addiction. The researchers tested two mindfulness techniques and found that it can indeed help practitioners learn to curb their chocolate cravings. We probably don’t need to tell you that chocolate addiction is no joke. Previous research has revealed that people experience feelings of intense pleasure and craving while indulging in chocolate—just like they do when they take drugs. What’s more, people get dependent on chocolate because it has that drug-like effect on them, scientists say.  READ MORE: Are You Actually[…]