I started practicing yoga about two years ago, and it changed my life in so many ways: yoga changed how I run, it helped with my anxiety, and it even redirected the course of my career, playing a huge role in how I ended up here at POPSUGAR as a fitness editor. The practice of yoga can totally be a metaphor for life off the mat – like when certain things come super easily for some people, but they’re totally challenging for you, leading you to feel crazy frustrated (sound familiar?). This was the case for me and headstand. I’ve been enviously watching friends make progress, while I flailed around with my legs (sort of) in the air, but nowhere[…]

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I took my first dance class when I was just 5 years old, and that was it — I was hooked. I spent my entire childhood and all of my teenage years hanging out in dance studios, building lifelong friendships, a passion for music, and a love for pushing my body beyond what I thought it was capable of. But when I started dancing in college, suddenly I found that my favorite thing in the whole world was starting to make me miserable. My peers at the collegiate level were more technically skilled and flexible than I was; more adept at memorizing complex choreography at the drop of a hat; and total pros at making auditions look like a breeze.[…]