Pizza, for all of its ubiquity, has lately felt like a deeply polarizing food. Every few weeks, the internet is set ablaze by a pizza-related “controversy,” like when Iceland’s President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson recently proclaimed that he would ban pineapple pizza if he had the legislative power to do so. That turned out to be a joke, he told MUNCHIES. But the Internet’s reaction to a recent mayonnaise and green pea pizza post was no joke, garnering almost a million impressions on Twitter and making its author a social media superstar. We made our own version of this monstrosity (and we can tell you that it is, in fact, objectively awful). And now, another pizza aberration has emerged from the bowels of[…]

Attention in the Twitterverse comes in perverse and unexpected ways. Just ask Air-ic, a.k.a. @FOX152, a.k.a. McDonald Eric (on Facebook)—because he should know. He’s achieved online virality by tweeting a picture of what may well be the world’s most controversial pizza.  Until about a week ago, Air-ic was like the rest of us—posting our opinions about things no one really cares about, like what we think of Coldplay’s music, or whether Tamagotchis are better than Giga Pets (which, as everyone knows, they totally are). In other words, Air-ic was just another anonymous voice among the masses.  But that was then and this is now. This week, Air-ic became a Twitter superstar.  On Sunday, Air-ic posted a photo of a pizza topped with mayonnaise[…]