The UK-based supermarket chain Co-op Food is asking, “Where’s the beef?” No, literally. Someone keeps stealing it. The stores are no longer featuring beef steaks on their shelves in an effort to stop rampant shoplifting of their priciest cuts of meat. An initial poster blamed “deviants” for the the theft, but has since been taken down. “We apologise for any inconvenience this causes our honest customers,” says one sign. The empty shelf-space has since been replaced with placards requesting customers to inquire with a staff member if they are interested in purchasing a steak. Speaking anonymously with local publication Cornwall Live, shop employees admitted that the meat theft was occurring so frequently that at times there was rarely any left[…]

It felt like just another afternoon at Costco, only I wasn’t at the one I went to as a kid in Fresno, California, but one of the three in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei. I had tagged along with my friend and his sister to see how the Taiwanese version of the wholesale powerhouse compared to my childhood memories. “Does it smell like the one you go to?” Jessica asked me as we walk through the immaculate parking garage into the store. In the aisles of a Taipei Costco. All photos by the author. It hadn’t even occurred to me to smell the place, but as soon as we walked into the massive labyrinth of bulk goods, it did smell like[…]