Some things are well worth the wait. It’s still debatable whether Cronuts or losing your virginity fall into that category, but one thing that certainly does is homemade pasta. Yeah, yeah, the dried stuff is fine. Put it in some perfectly salted water for just the right number of minutes and you can still enjoy toothsome al dente noodles. But homemade pasta has a magical texture that can’t be easily replicated through store-bought stuff. It’s why a quality Italian restaurant will be proud to tell you that their tagliatelle is made in-house. Marc Vetri, for one, knows the importance of a properly made plate of pasta. The guy is at the center of the Vetri family restaurant empire, and he’s[…]

For this recipe, you will need a sausage maker, ten feet of pork intestine, and a hunting rifle. Don’t have any of those things? Don’t fret. Huntress Izabella Rozendaal has you covered. She was generous enough to give us a sausage recipe with all of the substitutions required for those confined to a small, urban apartment.  Making sausages isn’t particularly difficult; it’s just a little labor-intensive. These sausages are pumped with fatty pork belly to balance out the lean duck meat and enough herbs to cut through all that delicious fattiness. Also, it’s sausages, so you can put whatever the hell else you want in there. But if you want to get weird with some intestines and guns, don’t let us[…]

Green beans, despite their satisfying crunch and verdant, vegetal flavor, often go unappreciated, regaled to a collection of sides without ever receiving the spotlight. But this recipe just might change all that. From celebrity chef Jose Garces, this dish tosses crisp green beans with roasted red peppers, creamy queso fresco, and sweet shallots, then douses them in a zesty honey-lime-garlic dressing. Just before serving, you’ll finish them off with warm sunnyside-up eggs, chile powder, and more cheese—this time cotija. The result is super-bright, super-umami, and so very worthy of being the centerpiece of your meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s easy, fancy, and a great way to pack your veggies with big flavor. You’ll never take a green bean for[…]