The UK-based supermarket chain Co-op Food is asking, “Where’s the beef?” No, literally. Someone keeps stealing it. The stores are no longer featuring beef steaks on their shelves in an effort to stop rampant shoplifting of their priciest cuts of meat. An initial poster blamed “deviants” for the the theft, but has since been taken down. “We apologise for any inconvenience this causes our honest customers,” says one sign. The empty shelf-space has since been replaced with placards requesting customers to inquire with a staff member if they are interested in purchasing a steak. Speaking anonymously with local publication Cornwall Live, shop employees admitted that the meat theft was occurring so frequently that at times there was rarely any left[…]

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in December 2015. I can still see myself running across the market square in Kortrijk, with my apron tied around my waist and my work wallet rattling with all of its coins. Customers who dine and dash are simply the worst. As satisfying as it can be to chase after these people like some special agent—even grabbing them and forcing them to pay their check—they’re still every restaurant’s worst nightmare. Recent research from Belgian food and beverage retail association NSZ shows that the amount of people who dine and dash has increased by a whopping 24 percent in the past year. More and more freeloaders walk into a restaurant, fill their bellies with the finest[…]