There are several signs taped on the front door of Niki’s West restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. One reminds customers that if they’re barefoot or have curlers in their hair, they won’t be served. There are three separate notifications that tank tops aren’t allowed. And in the middle of that display is a neatly typed notice that Niki’s is a “Family Establishment” with “Modest Attire Required.” Unfortunately, the restaurant seems to have decided that shirts supporting breast cancer awareness are less welcome than a set of hot rollers, calling the police on a customer who refused to strip out of his pink tee. On Saturday, Brian Studdard drove from Atlanta to Birmingham to celebrate his father’s 99th birthday at the restaurant,[…]

When most of us are overdue on our rent, we either use every possible emoji to explain why or leave a bottle of better-than-average wine at our landlord’s door (along with all of those emojis). When one of Kenneth McLean’s tenants fell behind on his own rent payment, the man gave him almost five dozen bottles of rare, expensive whiskies, which would’ve been more than acceptable if all of those spirits hadn’t been stolen from a Scottish warehouse. Last July, a Diageo warehouse in Grangemouth, Scotland, was burgled, and a significant number of high-dollar bottles were stolen. (Diageo is the world’s largest producer of alcoholic spirits; it owns Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and a lot of other immediately recognizable[…]

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but is it also the way to his flaccid phallus? A Las Vegas, Nevada woman is currently on the run from authorities since admitting she tried to poison her husband in hopes of making him impotent. Andrea Heming, 49, pleaded guilty two years ago to the deed because she was tired of having sex with her spouse. In a police report from 2015, Heming told authorities, “I wouldn’t use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection.” Andrea Heming to police, “I just wanted to use enough(poison) to make him not have an erection.”@News3LV — Antonio Castelan (@AntonioNews3LV) March 1,[…]

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in December 2015. I can still see myself running across the market square in Kortrijk, with my apron tied around my waist and my work wallet rattling with all of its coins. Customers who dine and dash are simply the worst. As satisfying as it can be to chase after these people like some special agent—even grabbing them and forcing them to pay their check—they’re still every restaurant’s worst nightmare. Recent research from Belgian food and beverage retail association NSZ shows that the amount of people who dine and dash has increased by a whopping 24 percent in the past year. More and more freeloaders walk into a restaurant, fill their bellies with the finest[…]

It takes a special kind of dickishness to dine and dash; to sit there scarfing your a meal, knowing that you’re not going to pay for a single bite of it. But what if you somehow manage to get more than 100 of your friends and family members to skip out at the same time? Well, you’re still dicks, but at least you’re well-coordinated. That’s exactly what happened at the restaurant attached to the Hotel Carmen in Bembibre, Spain last Monday, when an estimated 120 people ran out the door without paying their €2,000 (US $2,110) bill. According to hotel and restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez, the group had reserved the space for a party to celebrate the baptism of two[…]