In this episode of How-To, Chef Deuki Hong teaches us how to make a delicious kimchi fried rice. Chef Hong uses some traditional Korean ingredients like kimchi, and Korean chili paste, mixed with some more traditional American ingredients, like bacon, butter, and leftover takeout white rice. Perfect for a late night drunken snack. Enjoy!

Buyers of the popular, informercial-famous NutriBullet are finding out that the product name is literal, but not for the reasons those high-energy commercials may want you to believe. Apparently, the most striking resemblance between the NutriBullet and an actual bullet is that the appliance might just explode in your face. Those familiar with the world of “as seen on TV” products surely know the NutriBullet, whose promises of a “longer, healthier, active life”—with just one “Nutriblast” serving per day!—have helped sell more than 40 million units worldwide.  But according to a new investigation on the Australian news show Today Tonight Adelaide, with further reporting by The Sun, users of the blenders around the world are being scalded by hot liquids that spew from defective NutriBullets. Imagine: One minute[…]

We asked a butcher to make a veggie burger, and the results are amazing. Cara Nicoletti, a butcher at Foster Sundry in Brooklyn, likes her veggie burgers to taste like vegetables, not fake meat. This burger is made from bulgur wheat, lentils, beets, and topped with sumac yogurt and avocado. You won’t miss the meat, we promise.

When it comes to lunch, many of us forego decadence. A kale Caesar or a quinoa and lentil bowl will do for your midday meal routine, sure. But what if you could make a lunch so special, it will make you want to use a silk napkin and a 24-karat gold plate? We’ve all had some halfway decent sandwiches in our lives. Your mom’s grilled cheese, the Italian sub from that spot two blocks from your office, that 100 banh mi from your favorite Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall. But this sandwich by chef Curtis Stone of LA’s Gwen and Maude might just blow your mind. It starts with seared flatiron steak and foie gras, so you know from the get-go that it’s[…]