We don’t need to bore you with a lot of fluff about why coconut milk is great for your health, fucking delicious, a staple in Southeast Asian cuisine, and all the rage with hippie types who avoid anything that has spurted forth from a cow’s teat. Re: the fucking delicious part, though—that stuff you get in boxes in the supermarket is not so great. Often packed with stabilizers, flavorings, and even added sugar, it barely resembles the creamy, nutrient-packed stuff that any jerk with a cleaver and a coconut can easily make at home. We met up with chef Louis Tikaram at his West Hollywood spot E.P & L.P. to show us how to be that jerk, and he was[…]

Servings: 4 Prep: 5 minutes Total: 20 minutes Ingredients 1 mature coconut Directions 1. Crack open the coconut by using the back of a heavy knife or cleaver right down the center to split it in half. 2. Discard the coconut water, which spills out once cracked, you can drink it although drinking coconuts are usually from the young fruit, which are much sweeter and more nutritious. 3. Using a coconut scraper (these are found in you local Asian super market) scrape the white flesh out of the coconut. Stop when you reach the brown membrane. 4. Place the grated coconut flesh into a bowl with 1/4 cup of warm water and mix. Then, place into some cheesecloth and squeeze[…]