If you follow a healthy diet, chances are that chicken is in heavy rotation at your house, and for good reason. It’s an incredible source of lean protein, which has been shown to help fuel sore muscles and aid the body in weight-loss success. Tired of the same old grilled chicken breast for dinner? Whip up one of these 12 recipes that will surprise and excite your taste buds. RelatedPaleo Perfect: Baked Meatballs

Tender thighs, crispy chicken skin, Coca-Cola, and spicy chipotle-ginger caramel sauce—all brilliant on their own, but why stop there? Why not make something that is greater than the sum of its parts, like Tom Adams’ Caramel Chicken Thighs from tonight’s episode of Fuck That’s Delicious on VICELAND? While on tour in London, Fuck, That’s Delicious host Action Bronson and our buddy Lee Tiernan visit Tom Adams over at Pitt Cue, where Tom prepares them a huge, meaty feast. But it’s these sweet and smoky chicken thighs that completely blow Action’s mind. In fact, the dish evokes such strong feelings in Mr. Wonderful that he proclaims Tom to be a “pork and chicken freak” and “mad scientist”—high praise indeed. RECIPE: Caramel[…]

There really is nothing simpler than meat and heat. Humans have been cooking animal parts over the open flame since prehistoric times, so why bother complicating things? East London restaurant Jidori would certainly agree. The meat skewer—and by default, the charcoal grill—makes up the bulk of their menu, as they attempt to bring the centuries-old Japanese cuisine of yakitori to the capital. Yakitori, chicken poked onto small wooden sticks and set over hot coals. Photo by the author. As co-owner Brett Redman—also of nearby raw bar The Richmond and Elliot’s Cafe at Borough Market—explains to me, traditional yakitori encompasses all parts of a chicken poked onto small wooden sticks and set over hot coals. So at Jidori, the bird features[…]

2/26/172/26/17 Growing up, my mom used to make the most delicious lunches for my brother and me to take to school. One of my favorites that lasted into my adulthood was a bread-free take on a chicken-salad sandwich (she was so ahead of her time!). Because we’re from California and put avocado on everything and everything on avocado, this lunch was no exception — it’s an avocado stuffed with chicken salad. I took a healthier approach to this one by removing the mayo and swapping it for some nonfat Greek yogurt. With a squeeze of lemon juice and the seasoning of your choice, you’ve got one of the most satiating lunches you can make. You can spice it up with[…]