In this episode of How-To, Chef Deuki Hong teaches us how to make a delicious kimchi fried rice. Chef Hong uses some traditional Korean ingredients like kimchi, and Korean chili paste, mixed with some more traditional American ingredients, like bacon, butter, and leftover takeout white rice. Perfect for a late night drunken snack. Enjoy!

We asked a butcher to make a veggie burger, and the results are amazing. Cara Nicoletti, a butcher at Foster Sundry in Brooklyn, likes her veggie burgers to taste like vegetables, not fake meat. This burger is made from bulgur wheat, lentils, beets, and topped with sumac yogurt and avocado. You won’t miss the meat, we promise.

“This dish is gonna be like POP POP—it’s a little bit spicy from the Thai chilies, sour from the fresh yuzu, and umami from the mushrooms and truffle,” says Pichaya “Pam” Utharntharm as she arranges creamy, translucent slices of Hokkaido scallops on seashells. “I love appetizers, because you get to play around. There aren’t as many rules as with a main course.” For the final flourish, she hoists a canister of liquid nitrogen up and pours a steady stream of freezing vapors over the plates. Somewhat intimidated by how casually she wields something the size of a toddler that could easily take one’s hand off, I ask if she’s ever been burned. “Oh, from this?” she asks. “I’ve done this[…]

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in October 2014. Earlier this week, British chef Tom Kerridge stirred up controversy by remarking that although he liked “girls in the kitchen,” he felt that women lack “a lot of that fire in a chef’s belly you need,” and that “That’s probably why there [are] not so many female chefs.” We asked two-Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to share her thoughts on his comments. I am often asked, “What is it like to be a female chef?” Even though I have been asked this question for years, every time I’m caught off guard. I am a female, and have always been, and hence know no differently. And because I am a chef by profession,[…]

The amount of food the world wastes is staggering. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, a third of all food produced gets wasted somewhere within the food system. This ranges from “ugly” veg left to rot in the fields to offcuts lost in processing, fruit chucked by supermarkets, and leftovers left that fester at the back of our fridges. But what if the solution to our global food waste problem could be found on the roof of a London department store? Well, that’s exactly what wastED, a pop-up food waste restaurant that launches tomorrow at Selfridges on Oxford Street, hopes to do. But as I make my way through groups of tourists milling around beauty counters and[…]

The view outside AT, in front of Tour d’Argent. All photos by the author. “Je ne suis pas un chef Japonais,” Atsushi insists. He is not a Japanese chef. Every time I try to tie his cuisine to his roots, he corrects me politely. I meet Atsushi Tanaka at his restaurant AT, a few meters away from the Pont de la Tournelle, an Île Saint-Louis bridge on which stands an impressive statue of Paris’ holy patroness Saint Genevieve. The restaurant is a small and quiet place, and I had to go back and forth a few times to finally find its grey and spectacularly discrete storefront. Atsushi greets me at the door: He is thin and elegant. We sit at a[…]

Chef Albert Ponzo at Le Select. All photos by Ruben Guayasamin. A decade ago, Le Select, a well-loved French bistro in Toronto, was at a crossroads. Since its inception in 1977, the restaurant has served classic fare like duck confit and bubbling, oozy French onion soup to an adoring public in the city’s bustling, beautiful Queen West neighbourhood. On January 19, 2006, the eve of it’s 30th birthday, however, the restaurant and its estimated 12,000-bottle wine collection was uprooted and moved to a new venue in the not-too-distant fringes of the Garment District. The new location at 432 Wellington, where the restaurant still resides today, was more spacious by comparison. The main dining room was, and remains, a sight to[…]