Get your strength and cardio work done all at once! This jumping-jack-meets-squat combo is just what the doctor ordered. Squat jacks, or “sumo squat jumps,” will give you a deeper burn in your quads and glutes, both calorie-burning powerhouses. Related:Flatten Abs, Tone Arms, and Lift That Booty With a 5-Minute Bodyweight Workout Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out, in a deep squat. Put your arms in a “goal post” position with elbows bent and close to your thighs. Jump up explosively, bringing your feet together and clapping your hands above your head. Keep your core engaged. Jump your feet apart, landing with control, and lower your body back into the sumo squat position with hands up[…]

3/16/173/16/17 This no-equipment-necessary move is an excellent way to work the booty and hamstrings while tightening up that often-overlooked lower part of your midsection. The good morning is also a great exercise to perfect your form for a deadlift. Here’s how to do a good morning — make sure you’re activating that lower ab section (transverse abdominis) and keeping your core stable to protect your back. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips (or at the back of your head) with your elbows opened wide. Pull your abs to your spine and keep your back neutral while pressing your butt backward, hinging at the hips, until your back is almost parallel to the floor.[…]

Got booty goals? Let’s get to work! Caroline Jordan — wellness coach, Equinox trainer, author, and booty expert — knows all about how to build a strong and powerful butt, and why it matters for more than just aesthetics. “A more powerful butt will allow you to run faster, cycle stronger, and power walk up the fifth flight of stairs without losing your breath,” said Caroline. It will also give you healthier knees, a pain-free lower back and hips, and even more energy. “At the end of the day, you should feel less tired and have more energy when you have a powerful butt.” To work that rump, Caroline shared five “booty-burning bodyweight exercises you can do right at home[…]

Ab and Butt Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Instagram Oscars Fun! Sculpt and Tone Your Booty and Abs With Our No-Equipment 10-Minute Workout Healthy Recipes This Chicken-Stuffed Avocado Is the Easiest Healthy Lunch You’ll Make Healthy Eating Tips Why It’s Important to Stop Drinking Shots of ACV Wellness 13 Things to Do Every Morning to Stay Healthy and Energized Photo 1 of 11   ← Use Arrows Keys → 1 Sculpt and Tone Your Booty and Abs With Our No-Equipment 10-Minute Workout These trainer-favorite moves are going to totally rock your core and burn those booty muscles. There are five ab exercises from Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Erica Stenz and five booty exercises from Equinox trainer Caroline Jordan; you’re going to[…]

2/26/172/26/17 Get ready to sculpt EVERY muscle in your legs with this powerful toning and strengthening move — it’s low-impact, no-equipment, and do-anywhere! Stand with the feet hip distance apart. Keep your upper body straight, core engaged, with your shoulders relaxed, and your chin up. Step forward with your right leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle, and your other knee gently lowers softly to the floor. Activate your inner thighs by squeezing your legs toward each other, and keep the weight in your front heel as you push back up to standing, keeping your right foot in place so you can lower[…]

Total Body Bodyweight Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Subscribe to the Must Have Box Here’s a Total Body, No Equipment, Under 10-Minute Workout Personal Essay My 6-Month CrossFit Transformation Isn’t What I Thought It’d Be Beginner Fitness Tips 5 Reasons Working Out at Night Will Change Your Life Intermediate Workouts This Plank Workout Challenges Every Muscle and You Can Print It Photo 1 of 9   ← Use Arrows Keys → 1 Here’s a Total Body, No Equipment, Under 10-Minute Workout Short on time, but need a butt-kicking total body workout? We’ve got your back . . . and arms . . . and legs and booty and abs. This quick, effective, and challenging workout uses every muscle group, so[…]