3/12/173/12/17 Maybe eating half a pan of brownies for breakfast isn’t the best of ideas since you’ll feel pretty crappy afterward, but this oatmeal? Yes. Yes, you can and totally should inhale this chocolate overnight oatmeal. It’s so perfectly creamy and chocolaty — kind of like brownie batter. And not only will your chocolate dreams come true, but this decadent breakfast offers 19 grams of protein and over eight grams of fiber, too — all for around 10 grams of sugar. This breakfast will satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth and your hunger. Prep it before going to bed, and you’ll be so excited to dig in come morning. Ingredients 1/2 cup rolled oats 1 teaspoon chia seeds 2/3 cup unsweetened[…]

There’s plenty of shit in the world to feel guilty about. There’s our massive destruction of the world’s ocean ecosystem, the Endless Shrimp dinner that comes to our plates courtesy of Indonesian slaves, the havoc wreaked by our love of cheeseburgers, etc. Can we get a break already, a moment of tranquil self-satisfaction about anything we eat? Answer: yes. Feast your eyes (and mouths) on Coco Kislinger of Coco Bakes LA’s vegan brownies. Don’t let the vegan part scare you away. We’ve all had the dry, miserable, loathsome versions of vegan pastries that come plastic-wrapped next to the checkout aisle of your favorite overpriced health-food store. These are something else. The secret to the unapologetic fudginess of these bad boys is in the addition of[…]