3/09/173/09/17 We might’ve spent our childhood embarrassing ourselves in an effort to replicate Britney Spears’s dance routine with our friends, but who knew that things would come full circle and we’d be following her workout moves years later? Britney is constantly flaunting her impressive yoga skills on Instagram, but now it’s her ab workout that’s got us ready to hit the gym. She recently worked out with celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad, who had Britney using a box for a sweat-dripping ab session. She makes it look too easy! While we’re typically using that box for triceps dips and step-ups, Britney’s video has us ready to take on the box for our next set of v-sits. POPSUGAR, the #1 independent media[…]

Britney Spears Dance Move Instagram | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Subscribe to the Must Have Box Britney Spears Shows She’s Still Got It With a Flawless Dance Move (and Bod) Healthy Eating Tips Nutrition Showdown: Should You Eat Kale or Spinach? Popsugar Interviews 5 Types of Intermittent Fasting (and the 1 a Dietitian Recommends) Healthy Eating Tips The 3 Qualities of a Good Nutritionist 3/09/173/09/17 Britney is definitely one of the most active celebs we see on Instagram — whether she’s doing a crazy yoga move or showing off her skills in the gym, she is always on the move. On what appears to be an outdoor hike, Britney — rocking her favorite Hoka One One running shoes, as she[…]

Britney Spears Gym Workout Instagram | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Subscribe to the Must Have Box We’ve Never Seen Britney Spears Like This Before (and Honestly, We’re Into It) Weight Loss How to Eat If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, According to a Dietitian Healthy Eating Tips 17 Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls That Will Change Your Idea of Breakfast Forever Beginner Fitness Tips Strength vs. Cardio — Here’s How You Should Structure Your Workout 3/04/173/04/17 We love seeing Britney Spears’s workouts, but they’re typically all yoga (she’s crazy flexible — remember her amazing handstand?). Recently, she’s been giving us a glimpse at her gym routine with celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad. Britney’s accessories of choice in this workout are a VIPR, Hoka[…]

Britney Spears Handstand Yoga Video | POPSUGAR Fitness Skip Nav Subscribe to the Must Have Box Britney Spears’s Yoga Video Will Have You Screaming, “You Better Work!” Personal Essay My 6-Month CrossFit Transformation Isn’t What I Thought It’d Be Healthy Eating Tips 7 of the Best Foods to Fight Inflammation Beginner Fitness Tips Adrienne’s Dramatic Before and After Is a Total “Eff You” to the Scale 2/24/172/24/17 Britney Spears is constantly blowing our minds with her impressive flexibility and upside-down yoga moves, but now we’re seeing how she does it, and excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor. Britney flaunted her perfect handstand moves on Instagram, writing, “Owning my temple, my body, through yoga.” She’s balancing[…]