Dailey Crafton walked out the back door of his Brooklyn apartment and into the garden, a narrow plot enclosed by a steel fence, in search of a zucchini blossom. Amid the strawberry plants and dirt, he found the orange flower he was looking for and plucked it—it was the final ingredient in his latest batch of beer. But as he walked back inside, he noticed ants marching out from within the petals. Crafton, a graphic designer and burly beer brewer, dropped the zucchini blossom into his unfermented beer. He hoped the wild microorganisms living on the petals would produce unique, tangy flavors. Then he had an idea. “Ah, what the heck,” Crafton thought. “I’ll throw the ants in too.” He’d heard[…]

For all its pleasures, drinking in planes has always been fairly utilitarian. A time for bottomless tomato juice and vodkas and whisky-gingers, airborne boozing has never really been about the dignity of what you’re drinking, but, like the flight itself, more focused on getting where you’re going (if you know what we mean). Now, a microbrewery in Hong Kong is hoping to change that. The Hong Kong Beer Company has partnered with Cathay Pacific to produce Betsy Beer, a brew designed from top to bottom to be enjoyed in the sky. Unfortunately, actually tasting Betsy is a little bit tricky. It will only be available in March and April, and even then, only to business and first-class passengers flying Cathay[…]