In our new cooking series Workaholics, we invite chefs, bartenders, and other personalities in the world of food and drink who are serious hustlers to share their tips and tricks for preparing quick, creative after-work meals. Every dish featured in Workaholics takes under 30 minutes to make, but without sacrificing any deliciousness—this is tried-and-true, go-to goodness for the super-busy who also happen to have impeccable taste. Floyd Cardoz is a master of Indian-American cooking, and his mission is to prove to Americans that they don’t really understand the true breadth, diversity, and sophistication of Indian cuisine. It is no surprise, then, that when Cardoz visited the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen recently, he told us that his ultimate comfort food—the stuff he craves after[…]

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in January 2015. Now that the East Coast is set to be blanketed in yet another downpour of snow, we thought it was time to dust off this PSA.  New York is currently totally losing its shit because a cute little snowstorm called Juno Stella is about to bury the whole damn metropolis in up to two feet of fresh pow-pow (via some ridiculously strong winds and merciless white-outs). Everyone is prepping to be locked indoors for at least a day and a half due to rampant transportation warnings and huge flashing red lights in the sky with all-caps banners that this COULD BE THE WORST SNOWSTORM IN NEW YORK HISTORY. Grocery stores, accordingly, are[…]

I arrive at The Snapery—a bakery in Bermondsey, South London—first thing in the morning, but I’m worried that I’ve already missed the action. Walking towards the door, I pass a delivery bike on its way out and when I enter, just a few loaves of bread are left on the racks. “I would shake your hand but I’m covered in flour,” says Richard Snapes, The Snapery’s eponymous founder. “We’ve been here since 2 AM so there aren’t many baked loaves left, but come on in. We’re still shaping some bread that’s about to go into the fridge.” The remaining loaves after a morning’s work at The Snapery bakery in Bermondsey, South London. All photos by the author. Already seven hours[…]