Kinepolis is the Flemish equivalent of Pathé, the major cinema chain (and film production and distribution company) in France. The key difference is that Kinepolis has a secret in each of its basements: a baker who singlehandedly pops pounds of popcorn every day with the help of a secret recipe and a gigantic popcorn machine. The result is so delicious that 99 percent of Belgian moviegoers decide to get a family-sized bucket of popcorn. The first thing you see when entering a Belgium cinema is an enormous wall filled with containers of sweet and salty popcorn of various sizes. This April, Kinepolis initiated a test project that would make these popcorn poppers obsolete. “For the first time the popcorn will[…]

Within days of Saturn’s ravioli-shaped moon “Pan” capturing the imagination of the Internet, astronomers made a historic announcement about three new planets around the star TRAPPIST-1. If that name sounds familiar to you beer drinkers out there, it’s because the Belgian astronomers at the University of Liège decided to name the now-seven-planet system in honor of Trappist beers brewed by monks in Belgium, which date back to the time of Galileo in the 16th century. “TRAPPIST” technically stands for “Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope,” but the team of five Belgian scientists have openly admitted that they named the telescope (which detected the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system) after their favorite beer, telling CNN, “People remember it very well because (the name) is very peculiar and that it is linked to a Belgian project.”[…]

This article was originally published in Dutch on MUNCHIES NL. More often than not, chefs are bone tired. But ask them about their favorite knives and, without exception, their faces light up. It’s almost impossible to describe the special bond that exists between chef and knife, but we’ll try anyway. Today, Belgian knifesmith Dimitri Turcott Smekens shares the story of his unique introduction to his craft. I meet Turcott at his studio in Zoersel, a borough of Antwerp, Belgium. For the past two years, the knifesmith has been working in an old barn right next to his house, which is surrounded by open fields. People passing by would never guess that inside of this building, instead of sheep and haystacks, there[…]