Tom Robbins wrote a whole novel about the beet, or, at least, the root vegetable played a crucial role in the narrative. Robbins made the claim that the beet is the ancient ancestor of the autumn moon. That seems like a bit much to us (plus a serious underestimation of the moon), but the beet does make us feel poetic: it tastes like the underground where it grew up, and it bleeds the color of what runs through our own veins. And have you ever baked beets? Their skins turn black and crack open, sizzling with their blood-red juice. Peeling them post-oven, your kitchen looks like a crime scene. The beet is definitely the vegetable of carnage, in other words, and[…]

2/22/172/22/17 Hot wellness drinks are totally the new green juice — and many are swapping their morning cup of joe for a healthful tonic or hot elixir that offers nutrition and healing properties with every sip. If caffeine is an anxiety trigger or keeping you up at night, it’s time to start dabbling in these healthy lattes. One that you’ve likely been seeing all over your social media? Pink lattes. These pastel blends get their rich, rosy hue from detoxifying beetroot, which can also help improve your energy and mood. We snagged this recipe from DRINKmaple, who created the concoction with its own maple water (Pro tip: if you don’t have any maple water on hand, you can try swapping[…]