It’s been almost a year since my boyfriend and I set off from under the shadow of Croagh Patrick in rain coats and padded shorts, laden down with homemade soda bread and a tent, to cycle the width of Ireland all the way back to Dublin, just days after both the centenary of the Easter Rising and St. Patrick’s Day. My boyfriend is pretty Irish. Both sides of his family are from the same county in the West of Ireland, his hair turns to copper in the sun, and his mother drinks Guinness when she’s ill instead of taking tablets. But it was my idea to cycle the width of the country, with nothing but a variety of rubber and[…]

Within days of Saturn’s ravioli-shaped moon “Pan” capturing the imagination of the Internet, astronomers made a historic announcement about three new planets around the star TRAPPIST-1. If that name sounds familiar to you beer drinkers out there, it’s because the Belgian astronomers at the University of Liège decided to name the now-seven-planet system in honor of Trappist beers brewed by monks in Belgium, which date back to the time of Galileo in the 16th century. “TRAPPIST” technically stands for “Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope,” but the team of five Belgian scientists have openly admitted that they named the telescope (which detected the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system) after their favorite beer, telling CNN, “People remember it very well because (the name) is very peculiar and that it is linked to a Belgian project.”[…]

Dailey Crafton walked out the back door of his Brooklyn apartment and into the garden, a narrow plot enclosed by a steel fence, in search of a zucchini blossom. Amid the strawberry plants and dirt, he found the orange flower he was looking for and plucked it—it was the final ingredient in his latest batch of beer. But as he walked back inside, he noticed ants marching out from within the petals. Crafton, a graphic designer and burly beer brewer, dropped the zucchini blossom into his unfermented beer. He hoped the wild microorganisms living on the petals would produce unique, tangy flavors. Then he had an idea. “Ah, what the heck,” Crafton thought. “I’ll throw the ants in too.” He’d heard[…]

For all its pleasures, drinking in planes has always been fairly utilitarian. A time for bottomless tomato juice and vodkas and whisky-gingers, airborne boozing has never really been about the dignity of what you’re drinking, but, like the flight itself, more focused on getting where you’re going (if you know what we mean). Now, a microbrewery in Hong Kong is hoping to change that. The Hong Kong Beer Company has partnered with Cathay Pacific to produce Betsy Beer, a brew designed from top to bottom to be enjoyed in the sky. Unfortunately, actually tasting Betsy is a little bit tricky. It will only be available in March and April, and even then, only to business and first-class passengers flying Cathay[…]

3/10/173/10/17 Sunny, warm weather wouldn’t be the same without cooling off with an ice-cold beer. If grabbing a beer is your go-to beverage but you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, it’s important to know the calorie counts of common brands. Check out this list of a few of the highest- and lowest-calorie beers so you can choose the one that’s right for you. High-Calorie Beers Samuel Adams Boston Lager: 180 calories Guinness Extra Stout: 176 calories Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 176 calories Pete’s Wicked Ale: 172 calories Anheuser-Busch Ice Pale Lager: 171 calories Harpoon IPA: 170 calories Heineken: 166 calories Long Trail: 163 calories Killian’s Irish Red: 162 calories Molson Ice: 160 calories Low-Calorie Beers Budweiser Select 55:[…]

3/04/173/04/17 If you’re watching your waistline and enjoying an ice-cold brew, then you’ll probably want to see how beers compare. The numbers may surprise you. Here’s the nutritional info for one glass, can, or bottle of beer (about 12 ounces). Keep in mind that even though there may be health benefits associated with drinking alcohol, they only come with drinking in moderation. For women, that means one drink a day. Beer Brand Calories Carbs (g) Alcohol Percent Amstel Light 95 5 3.5 Anchor Steam 158 14.2 4.9 Anheuser-Busch Ice Pale Lager 171 12.5 5.9 Anheuser-Busch Light Pale Lager 95 3.2 4.1 Beck’s Pilsner 138 9 5 Beck’s Premier Light 63 3.8 2.3 Budweiser 145 10.6 5 Bud Light 110 6.6[…]

Do you think Bacchus happens to have a super strong affinity for meta-AF pranks? Is there really such a thing as karma—and does it sometimes work instantaneously? Do cops get their uniforms dry-cleaned for free, or just toss it in with their gym shorts at home?  These are just some of the questions that might pop into your mind upon viewing this video of a traffic stop outside of Las Vegas:  The reigning spirits of Mardi Gras wouldn’t even have the nerve to dream this one up. Yes: a police officer doing a routine DUI pull-over was doused with 1,000 pounds of beer just after asking the occupants of the car whether they had had anything to drink. Evidently, a nearby beer[…]

Really delicious things—as in really, really delicious things, not the chocolate-covered rice cakes you Instagram after a “gym sesh”— can be hard to recreate in the home kitchen. Proper sushi requires years of knife-training in Japan, and no one knows how the fuck fondant fancies start life. It’s why Kim K flies to New Orleans to eat doughnuts. It’s probably a blessing in disguise that most of us have neither the culinary skills nor Kardashian-sized disposable income to produce our favorite treats on demand. Can you imagine how much tighter our “going out” skinny jeans would be if we did? But here’s a dangerous exception to the rule: beer cheese. Yes, the classic Deep South dish combining two of the most[…]