An unappetizing ingredient with an equally unappetizing nickname, “pink slime” has put ABC News in hot water this week as a South Dakota judge has ordered the network to head to trial over a hefty libel suit that could potentially cost the broadcaster nearly $6 billion. The meaty drama began in 2012, when the network ran a multi-part exposé on what it called “pink slime,” which, at the time, could allegedly be found in 70 percent of supermarket ground beef. As ABC reported, the controversial ingredient is a cheap filler known as “lean finely textured beef” in the industry, and is comprised of beef waste trimmings that have been sprayed with ammonia to kill off bacteria. Beef producers were not[…]

Chop suey, or tsap seui (杂碎), is phonetic Cantonese for “miscellaneous leftovers.” It’s a food that it as distinct as it is versatile, and a blank canvas for leftovers. This recipe is from Toronto’s Boralia, where meats like elk are often hanging around the kitchen. But you can use pretty much any meat that you happen to have laying around in your fridge, from ground beef to bacon to Chinese sausage. RECIPE: Chop Suey Croquettes Obviously, chop suey is deeply satisfying in its most authentic form, but Boralia goes a step further by breading and deep frying these rice balls like arancini and then injecting them with that classic rich, brown sauce of yesteryear.  Sticklers for authenticity be damned, because these are really fucking tasty.

Guy Fieri knows what he knows, and Guy Fieri knows juicy, flavorful meat, gigantic sandwiches, and sweet, smoky sauces. In other words, the Food Network star of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is, if nothing else, your go-to guy for tips on mastering Flavortown-style barbecue. He recently came through the MUNCHIES kitchen to show us how to make barbecue brisket in a pressure cooker. The fall-apart meat is ready in 30 minutes, and then gets nestled in a toasted, buttered bun and topped with a bright and tangy yogurt broccoli slaw. No need to hop on the next train to Flavortown; it’s coming straight to your kitchen.