All photos of Rasmus Malmstrøm. THE PIG Our friends from ODC, who sell and deliver organic meat, put us in touch with Jens Vestergaard from the organic specialty farm, Muld, outside Holbaek. Normally, Jens does not sell his pigs, but we were allowed to have one of those that had yet to be slaughtered. It was a boar, so folks were a bit nervous because when boars grow older, they can sometimes taste a little bit like uric acid. But Jens’ pigs are something very special. They live insanely well. They live off of Jerusalem artichokes and all sorts of lovely vegetables, and the meat tastes fantastic. We went out and looked at the pig, and then it was slaughtered four days later. It was just about the 50-kilogram (110-pound) size[…]

Guy Fieri knows what he knows, and Guy Fieri knows juicy, flavorful meat, gigantic sandwiches, and sweet, smoky sauces. In other words, the Food Network star of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is, if nothing else, your go-to guy for tips on mastering Flavortown-style barbecue. He recently came through the MUNCHIES kitchen to show us how to make barbecue brisket in a pressure cooker. The fall-apart meat is ready in 30 minutes, and then gets nestled in a toasted, buttered bun and topped with a bright and tangy yogurt broccoli slaw. No need to hop on the next train to Flavortown; it’s coming straight to your kitchen.