In almost every corner of Los Amantes mezcalería in Oaxaca, there seems to be someone or something watching over you. On one wall, it’s a taxidermied goat’s head. On another, it’s a painting of a young, fully nude woman. Behind the bar, there’s a papier-mâché person crashing through a glass cabinet. Los Amantes opened in 2006, before mezcal’s exponential rise in popularity. The owners—artist Guillermo Olguin, master distiller Eric Hernández, as well as Ignacio Carballido and Gerardo Rejón—wanted to create a place to showcase their mezcal and educate tourists, both Mexican and international, about the spirit in general. The bar is minuscule; it doesn’t even have a bathroom. Los Amantes: come for the decor stay for the wild agave mezcal.[…]