3/10/173/10/17 Sunny, warm weather wouldn’t be the same without cooling off with an ice-cold beer. If grabbing a beer is your go-to beverage but you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, it’s important to know the calorie counts of common brands. Check out this list of a few of the highest- and lowest-calorie beers so you can choose the one that’s right for you. High-Calorie Beers Samuel Adams Boston Lager: 180 calories Guinness Extra Stout: 176 calories Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 176 calories Pete’s Wicked Ale: 172 calories Anheuser-Busch Ice Pale Lager: 171 calories Harpoon IPA: 170 calories Heineken: 166 calories Long Trail: 163 calories Killian’s Irish Red: 162 calories Molson Ice: 160 calories Low-Calorie Beers Budweiser Select 55:[…]

Sure, a good argument could be made that the executive branch of the federal government is now being run by someone with a tenuous grasp of the truth and an unhealthy love for conspiracy theories.  But are our local governments run by, well, a bunch of drunks? That’s what Rhode Island state representative Moira Walsh says is happening in the legislature there. She has reported on an “insane amount of drinking” in the state house and says that lawmakers have “file cabinets full of booze.” Walsh says Rhode Island’s eminent legislature even took shots on the floor of the House of Representatives recently—to celebrate the independence day of the Dominican Republic. You know, as one is wont to do. In short,[…]

3/04/173/04/17 If you’re watching your waistline and enjoying an ice-cold brew, then you’ll probably want to see how beers compare. The numbers may surprise you. Here’s the nutritional info for one glass, can, or bottle of beer (about 12 ounces). Keep in mind that even though there may be health benefits associated with drinking alcohol, they only come with drinking in moderation. For women, that means one drink a day. Beer Brand Calories Carbs (g) Alcohol Percent Amstel Light 95 5 3.5 Anchor Steam 158 14.2 4.9 Anheuser-Busch Ice Pale Lager 171 12.5 5.9 Anheuser-Busch Light Pale Lager 95 3.2 4.1 Beck’s Pilsner 138 9 5 Beck’s Premier Light 63 3.8 2.3 Budweiser 145 10.6 5 Bud Light 110 6.6[…]

Radha Agrawal is the cofounder of Daybreaker, a similar booze-free event with a greater focus on fitness. Daybreaker is a morning dance party held monthly. It started in 2013 and quickly gained in popularity, spreading to 17 cities. According to the organizers, the event attracts young professionals and creative types in their early 20s through late 30s. Daybreaker starts at 6 a.m. The first hour is a fitness event, like yoga, open to 200 people. At 7 a.m., the dance party starts and lasts until 9 a.m. These last two hours are open to 600 guests. “When we first launched Daybreaker, we were like, ‘OK, people have to forget that they’re sober,’” Agrawal recalls. In order to give people a[…]